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Treat Yourself

Looking for an affordable massage in Denver?

Become a member of the Peace of Mind Massage Wellness Program and save money while getting regular treatment. Receiving body work at least once a month is recommended for optimal health! Our Wellness Program is designed to make monthly and even weekly sessions affordable.

* Works like an account monthly account credit.

* Enjoy the member discount every time you come in! ($10)

* Enjoy 10% off all of our merchandise.

* Unused credit rolls over and never expires.

* Cancel membership at anytime.

* Share the money on your account with family and friends minus the discount.

* New Members will receive a bag with special gifts and exclusive offers.

* Available in three tiers:

  • Peace Tier: $80 per month, covers one 60-minute massage
  • Serenity Tier: $95 per month, covers one 75-minute massage
  • Bliss Tier: $110 per month, covers one 90-minute massage

* One time nonrefundable $49 set up fee.

How it works:

Funds will be automatically charged to your debit or credit card each month, on the date you sign up or another date of your choosing. This works like an account credit. When you have a positive balance on your account, you can use that money toward your massage. Credit can also be used for tips, merchandise, or any of our services.

You will always get the member discount of $10 when you come in, even if you do not have money on your account or if you would like to upgrade the length/type of session.

The money accumulates in your account if you do not use it. If you cancel your membership, the auto payments will stop but any unused money on your account will remain there for you to use without an expiration. (This money is nonrefundable.) After canceling, you will no longer receive the member discount. You can also gift the money to a friend or family member to use but if they want to receive the member rate themselves, they will need to sign up separately.

If you decide to sign back up with us in the future, you will receive 50% off the activation fee. In case of extended travel or other circumstances that might lead you to needing to temporarily suspend your membership, you may do so for up to 3 months. After this 3 month period the auto pay will restart again.

Discount cannot be combined with other promotions and special offers, except when otherwise noted. All policies including cancellation policy apply to members.

Please contact us on the form below to join our wellness program or call us on 303-881-5533

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