At Peace of Mind we offer a variety of modalities and all of our highly skilled Massage Therapists can adjust pressure and application intuitively as well as by communicating properly with our clients. We personalize the session to fit the individual needs of each person. We also always give the client the full amount of time. We schedule in time in between clients so that the time spent getting on and off the table and conversation before treatment does not take minutes off your massage time.


New Clients! Take $10 off your first visit of 60 minutes or more!

3 Packs

Only available for Integrated Massage sessions which exclude Hot Stone, Thai, and Couple’s Massage.
Save $15 when you purchase a package of 3!

3 pack of 60 min sessions $255
3 pack of 75 min sessions $300
3 pack of 90 min sessions $345

3 Packs have a 1 year expiration.

Wellness Program- Become a member of our wellness program to save the most money. Click here to find out more details.

Integrated Massage includes: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, TMJ Massage, Myofascial Release, Oncology Massage, Medical Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hydrotherapy, Prenatal, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology.

Our Therapists will tailor your massage to fit your needs and preferences using a variety of techniques.

Service Pricing
At Peace of Mind we offer a variety of modalities and all of our highly skilled Massage Therapists can adjust pressure and application intuitively as well as by communicating properly with our clients. We personalize the session to fit the individual needs of each person. We also always give the client the full amount of time. We schedule in time in between clients so that the time spent getting on and off the table and conversation before treatment does not take minutes off your massage time.

Integrated Massage Rates
Integrated Massage includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, TMJ Massage, Myofascial Release, Oncology Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal, and Reflexology.

$60 for 30 minutes
$75 for 45 minutes
$90 for 60 minutes
$105 for 75 minutes
$120 for 90 minutes

Essential oils added into your session at no extra cost.


**Prenatal massage can be accommodated with both prone and side lying professional bolstering systems made with high grade foam that is both safe and comfortable for all stages of pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage Rates
Minimum of 60 minutes required
$100 for 60 minutes
$115 for 75 minutes
$130 for 90 minutes
$178 for 2 hours

At Peace of Mind Massage in Denver we love heat! Especially during the cool fall days and cold winter months we experience in Colorado. Hot Stone Therapy is one form of heat therapy that can be added to any massage. Heat therapy pulls the circulating blood to the surface and helps the body heal and relax from within by stimulating blood flow through the tissue. We offer two forms of Hot Stone Therapy at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver. We offer traditional Hot Stone therapy using basalt rocks that have been preheated to approximately 130 degrees. The massage therapist will place stones on various areas of the body with a towel to diffuse some of the heat, and other stones will be used directly on the skin in addition to the strokes of the hands and arms.
If you prefer the stones to be used directly on the trigger points and points of tension in your body, we have a new style of Hot Stone Therapy available only at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver. We are introducing CoreStone Therapy, which were created by a massage therapist to heal her own injury. The soap stones are cylinder shaped with flat, rounded and angled edges in order to spread out the pressure that can be applied by the stone on a trigger point. Because of the unique shape therapists are able to release trigger point with less pain and also use the cylinder shape to roll the stones over bigger muscles of the body. Both types of Hot Stone Therapy can be requested in advance to be added onto our other massage services, for an additional price of $10.
Hot Stone Therapy is beneficial for arthritis, headaches or migraines, chronic pain, injury and stress. It is easily integrated with reflexology, deep tissue, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, and swedish massage. Hot Stone Therapy is helpful for clients with anxiety, depression and insomnia because the stones are naturally grounding and calming. Talk with your therapist before the massage about the recommended treatment plan for your health and wellness goals.
At Peace of Mind Massage in Denver we don’t believe in using the same routine over and over, so the temperature of the stones and length of time there are applied to body can be adjusted based on how the client is feeling that day. It is helpful to communicate to your Denver massage therapist about how the heat is feeling on your body and the massage therapist will check in about temperature and pressure during the massage. If you are looking for a relaxing hot stone massage in Denver that is perfectly tailored to fit your body’s needs visit us at Peace of Mind Massage.

Thai Yoga Massage Rates
Minimum of 60 minutes required
$100 for 60 minutes
$120 for 90 minutes
$178 for 2 hours


Thai Massage is an ancient form of bodywork that originated in Thailand about 2,500 years ago. It was during this time that massage became a keystone of health and wellness, and Thai Massage has since continued to spread throughout the world. The practice of Thai Massage has been adapted for use in modern massage clinics while preserving the traditional Thai approach to healing. Thai Massage treatments implement several techniques such as: passive stretching, reflexology, acupressure, heat application and meditative breathing. The purpose of Thai Massage is to bring the body and mind to a state of complete relaxation, awareness and balance.

Traditional Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, which allows the therapist to use their body weight to apply pressure and gain leverage for stretching. Thai Massage can also be performed on the table, where the client can be either clothed or unclothed and draped. An important element of Thai Massage is the use of heat, or aromatherapy, to warm up the muscles allowing for deeper body work. During the massage the therapist will climb on the table and use their hands, arms, feet and elbows to engage in a series of stretching, compression, and massage strokes to relax and open up the muscles. Balanced aware breathing is helpful when receiving this kind of bodywork and the therapist will help maintain breath awareness.

The key component of Thai Massage is movement. Assisted stretching allows the therapist to access muscles and attachment sites that can be difficult to palpate when the client is lying still on the table. This will also allow the therapist to work on muscles that are activated during daily postures such as driving or sitting at a desk. Throughout the session the therapist will guide the client into the different positions, thereby increasing circulation to all areas and bringing awareness to areas of pain or soreness. Thai Massage also considers the motion of energy through the body and focuses on bringing body energy to a state of balance. Because it targets all channels of the body Thai Massage will help decrease insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety and PMS.

Receiving Thai Massage will help increase: blood circulation, joint range of motion, flexibility, respiratory health, and lengthen the muscles. Thai massage is useful in the treatment of back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and headaches or migraines. Everyone can benefit and find relief from this unique style of bodywork that we are now offering at Peace of Mind Massage!

Ashiatsu Massage Rates
Minimum of 60 minutes required
$100 for 60 minutes
$120 for 90 minutes
$178 for 2 hours


Ashiatsu Massage is a unique form of deep tissue massage that originated among Buddhist monks and has since been adapted all over the world. Ashiatsu Massage consists of the therapist using their bare feet, instead of their hands and arms, to massage the client. During the massage the therapist will stand on the table and use support beams above the table to control the pressure of the massage. Working with their bare feet allows the therapist to maintain pressure that is deeper, broader and consistent throughout the entire massage. Ashiatsu is unlike other forms of bodywork because the therapist is working with a completely different set of tools. Many of our clients at Peace of Mind like pressure as deep as the therapist can apply it, which makes Ashiatsu a perfect fit.

When coming in for an Ashiatsu Massage at Peace of Mind Massage your therapist will listen to concerns and suggest areas to focus on for the session. It is important to let your therapist know about injuries, previous surgeries and conditions compromising the back and neck. When receiving an Ashiatsu Massage, you will undress and lie on the table in the same fashion as other forms of body work. A key component of Ashiatsu Massage is having effective communication with your therapist about pressure and comfort during the session. Ashiatsu has it’s own unique scale for gaging pressure, which will be explained and implemented during the session.

Ashiatsu is one of the most powerful forms of massage therapy because it allows the therapist to use their body weight with the pull of gravity to apply pressure. It provides an incomparable style of compression and movement with long strokes that feel never-ending. Ashiatsu sessions leave you feeling grounded, relaxed and more flexible. The style and pressure fully releases tight muscles which results in comprehensive full body relaxation.

Ashiatsu 2
Ashiatsu 3
Ashiatsu 4

The Cannablessed massage includes exclusive therapeutic CBD salve used throughout the session as well as a sample size to take home.

$98 for 60 minutes
$113 for 75 minutes
$128 for 90 minutes
$176 for 2 hours

CBD massage incorporates the health benefits of cannabis plants by applying topical products to areas experiencing inflammation, swelling, pain or tension. Cannabinoid (CBD) is absorbed through the skin and into tissue to support body systems without mind-altering side effects of cannabis products. CBD is extracted from cannabis plants to allow clients to experience benefits of cannabis in a different way.

CBD has been traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of pain and inflammation; new technology in the cannabis industry has made it possible to design cannabis strains with increased levels of CBD for health benefits. CBD products are beneficial for clients experiencing; chronic pain and inflammation, skin irritation, muscle tension and soreness. CBD massage reduces inflammation in tissue and allows the therapist to access and release muscles on a deeper level.

Products infused with CBD can provide relief for clients experiencing skin irritation from skin conditions, burns, or scar tissue. Clients experiencing psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis will benefit from anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of CBD products. It promotes healthy cell regeneration in skin that has had radiation therapy, and can help heal scar tissue from any source of injury.

Cannabis infused products are natural calming because they engages receptors in the brain to naturally calm and relax the body. CBD massage help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress by calming the nervous system and bring the body to a stage of complete relaxation. CBD infused products can be integrated into any massage session and we know once you experience Cannabliss products you will truly feel a difference. We know you’re going to love the products.


Peace of Mind Massage in Denver offers Couple’s Massage for any two people who desire to receive their massage in the same treatment room. We offer a unique massage treatment in our converted Victorian wellness center on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park near Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, Englewood, Baker, Glendale, and central to all of Denver, Colorado. Our beautiful Couple’s Massage room is majestically tucked away in the upstairs portion of Peace of Mind Massage with soothing music, soft lighting and tranquil décor it truly transports clients to a space they can completely relax in. Couple’s Massage can be enjoyed by romantic couples as a way to relax and improve health and wellness together. During Couple’s Massage at Peace of Mind Massage we observe how partners can fully relax knowing that their significant other is receiving the same treatment.

Couple’s Massage in Denver is a great way to introduce Massage Therapy to friends or family while both receiving the benefits and experience of Massage Therapy. If you and your loved one are both Massage Therapy fanatics then Couple’s Massage might just be the perfect way to spend quality time together. There is nothing like relaxing and taking care of your bodies with the people you care about!
Typically Couple’s Massage in Denver is enjoyed at spas and resorts, for the relaxing benefit. Unlike most expensive spas and resorts, at Peace of Mind Massage we take the experience of Couple’s Massage to another level with clinical quality Massage Therapy Sessions for each client. We understand that each client is unique and requires a unique approach to their Massage Therapy session. During a Couple’s Massage in Denver clients can request any of our massage services, techniques, and upgrades such as Hot Stone Therapy.
In a Couple’s Massage each client can receive the massage they need while enjoying the unity of our Couple’s Massage room. At Peace of Mind Massage in Denver we bring the same quality and compassion to each and every session. Even if you have chronic pain, specific areas of pain or specific areas you wish to focus on, Couple’s Massage will provide the clinical level of massage with the relaxing ambiance of a remote spa. Many of our clients receive regular Couple’s Massage with their spouses as a way to help each client meet their health and wellness goals and spend time together while doing it.


Couple’s Massage Rates
Minimum of 60 minutes required

$200 for 60 minutes
$230 for 75 minutes
$260 for 90 minutes
$400 for 2 hours


Hot stones can be added to a Couple’s Massage for one or both of you for an additional $10 per person.

We can bring massage to you! At your office or special event. Call or e-mail us to get our rates based on your needs.

On Call Massage at your home is double our normal hourly rate. 20% off is given to those with medical hindrances leaving them unable to leave their home.

On Site Massage is often used at corporations to improve performance, boost morale, and relieve stress. Employees will rejoice when they see the massage therapist walking in with their massage chair or table. On Site Chair Massage is the most popular because it is small and compact and easily fits into most areas. Peace of Mind Massage performs on-site chair massage using stretching and sports massage techniques that will make you forget you are in a massage chair at the office.

On Site Massage can also be done with the massage table. This is great for doing more stretching and longer On Site massage sessions. On Site massage on the table is done through the clothes just like an On Site chair massage, while allowing the client to lie down for the session. We offer On Site Chair Massage at farmers markets, sporting events, parties, and corporations. If you are looking for an On Site corporate massage in the Denver, Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Glendale, Englewood, DTC, or Littleton area, Peace of Mind Massage can promise you and your employees will be blown away by our skills and professionalism. Even through layers of clothes you can feel the stress melt away. We can turn the work environment, loud convention or event, even the grocery store into a relaxing retreat. At Peace of Mind we specialize in On Site Massage and have tons of experience bringing On Site Massage to corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Scholastic Book fairs, and Whole Foods. We have also brought On Site Massage to spa parties, holiday parties, employee appreciation events, athletic events, and health fairs. On Site Massage will make your guests at any event happier and more satisfied with their experience. Call us to schedule On Site Massage at your corporation or event today and start seeing the smiling faces of your employees or guests and reaping the benefits of On Site Massage!

Add Cannablessed Products to Your Massage
These products can be added to Couples, Hot Stone, and other massage sessions, available in two tiers:
Cannablessed Tier 1: $10
Product is used during the session only.
Cannablessed Tier 2: $20
Product is used during the session and client receives a sample to take home.

Cannablessed Warming and Cooling salves are available for sale in our retail in 1oz and 4oz quantities.

NOTE: This product has no psychoactive effects and is 100% legal (derived from hemp).

  • After spending over a decade in the massage industry, I am incredibly particular, not only about who I endorse, but who I see for bodywork myself. But the minute I stepped foot in Peace of Mind Massage, I knew this was an exceptional place. Warmth and relaxation exude from every room, and the caliber of therapists that are drawn to work at POM are top notch. They are so committed to the craft and continued excellence of massage, that every time I've walked out of the studio transformed. Check this place out if you haven't already!

    Jessica Abegg
    Jessica Abegg
  • I am relatively new to massage but have recently started training more and more for triathlons. The therapists at Peace of Mind have been excellent at understanding the rigors my body goes through. Between sports massage and some stretching techniques they have helped me avoid injury and bounce back faster after races and big training days. My experience with massage at Peace if Mind has become a very important part of my training, general fitness and well being. I am very glad I have found this group of fantastic therapists and great people!

    Nick Dunaske
    Nick Dunaske
  • Best integration of reflexology and deep tissue massage experienced. No fluff: Nicole is a very well trained, well schooled, professional. She listens to your needs; " listens" with her hands; and delivers release from tight areas of stress and tension.I came on looking for a good masseuse. I found a truly great one. I will look no further!

    Ginny F.
  • Nicole and her staff give the very best massages! Always feel so much less tense and so much more relaxed when I leave - even if I do leave with funny hairdos

    Colin Wells

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