Hydrotherapy300Looking for an excellent Swedish Massage in Denver? Look no further than Peace of Mind Massage on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park near Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, Englewood, Baker, Glendale, and central to all of Denver, Colorado.

Swedish Massage Therapy is one of the oldest and most familiar styles of massage therapy and is highly sought for relaxation as well as numerous health benefits. If your life is hectic and you’re feeling like you just need to relax, Swedish massage in a beautiful massage center will be the perfect escape from stress. All Swedish Massage Therapy sessions at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver are focused on each individual client’s needs. The massage incorporates five different strokes for a combined approach to relaxing the muscles. Long gliding strokes directed towards the heart will increase circulation of blood and lymph fluid. Kneading and compression of the muscles pulls the muscles away from the bones to loosen connective tissue around muscles and joints. Gentle pulling of the muscles in opposite directions releases tension in the muscles fibers with friction. Rhythmic vibration or tapping of the muscles releases tension in specific points. Stretching can be incorporated to increase range of motion and invigorates the client. The pressure is generally light to medium and you can request more pressure at any time at no extra cost. At Peace of Mind Massage in Denver we never charge more for more pressure or the use of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy, which can be incorporated into any Swedish Massage Therapy session. Swedish Massage Therapy is all about relaxing, restoring, and reviving the system. It is a wonderful way to alleviate stress, chronic pain, and nervous disorders. The relaxing and tranquil environment at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver makes for the perfect setting to reach a deep level of relaxation while receiving swedish massage. Full body Swedish Massage benefits the body by removing wastes, improving circulation, and calming the nervous system. Swedish Massage Therapy will leave you feeling calm yet rejuvenated and with regular treatment can provide relief from pain for weeks. If your stress level is high and your body is feeling sore and tired a Swedish Massage Therapy appointment is the way to restoring balance in your mind and body. Once you’ve had a Swedish massage with Peace of Mind Massage in Denver, you will feel refreshed and relaxed. Book a Swedish Massage Therapy appointment today and restore peace of mind and wellness in your life.

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