HotStone300Looking for an exceptional Hot Stone Massage in Denver? Look no further than Peace of Mind Massage on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park near Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capital Hill, Englewood, Baker, Glendale, and central to all of Denver, Colorado.

At Peace of Mind Massage in Denver we love heat! Especially during the cool fall days and cold winter months we experience in Colorado. Hot Stone Therapy is one form of heat therapy that can be added to any massage. Heat therapy pulls the circulating blood to the surface and helps the body heal and relax from within by stimulating blood flow through the tissue. We offer two forms of Hot Stone Therapy at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver. We offer traditional Hot Stone therapy using basalt rocks that have been preheated to approximately 130 degrees. The massage therapist will place stones on various areas of the body with a towel to diffuse some of the heat, and other stones will be used directly on the skin in addition to the strokes of the hands and arms.
If you prefer the stones to be used directly on the trigger points and points of tension in your body, we have a new style of Hot Stone Therapy available only at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver. We are introducing CoreStone Therapy, which were created by a massage therapist to heal her own injury. The soap stones are cylinder shaped with flat, rounded and angled edges in order to spread out the pressure that can be applied by the stone on a trigger point. Because of the unique shape therapists are able to release trigger point with less pain and also use the cylinder shape to roll the stones over bigger muscles of the body. Both types of Hot Stone Therapy can be requested in advance to be added onto our other massage services, for an additional price of $10.
Hot Stone Therapy is beneficial for arthritis, headaches or migraines, chronic pain, injury and stress. It is easily integrated with reflexology, deep tissue, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, and swedish massage. Hot Stone Therapy is helpful for clients with anxiety, depression and insomnia because the stones are naturally grounding and calming. Talk with your therapist before the massage about the recommended treatment plan for your health and wellness goals.
At Peace of Mind Massage in Denver we don’t believe in using the same routine over and over, so the temperature of the stones and length of time there are applied to body can be adjusted based on how the client is feeling that day. It is helpful to communicate to your Denver massage therapist about how the heat is feeling on your body and the massage therapist will check in about temperature and pressure during the massage. If you are looking for a relaxing hot stone massage in Denver that is perfectly tailored to fit your body’s needs visit us at Peace of Mind Massage.

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