DeepTissueMassage300Looking for an excellent Deep Tissue Massage in Denver? Look no further than Peace of Mind Massage on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park near Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, Englewood, Baker, Glendale, and central to all of Denver, Colorado.
Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for clients who want to feel medium to firm pressure during the massage. Deep Tissue can be personalized for each client because Deep Tissue Massage includes a variety of massage techniques. Deep Tissue Massage is an umbrella term for Massage Therapy techniques applied to access the deeper tissues and address underlying issues in the body related to muscle tension. The Massage Therapist will apply Deep Tissue with fingers, palms, or elbows with a steady pressure that may start off softer and ease into the Deeper Tissue. Deep Tissue Massage should be done with open communication between the client and Massage Therapist. There are different ways deep pressure can be applied, so the client can make requests based on their preference. If you prefer broad pressure the therapist can focus on using palms and forearms, whereas localized pressure can be applied with the fingers and elbows for specific pain in smaller areas of the body. Our Massage Therapists at Peace of Mind Massage in Denver are intuitive to the amount and type of pressure that will allow the muscles to release, and they will check in to make sure their pressure is good for the client. A “good pain” should be described, and the client should be breathing into the pressure points and breathing out the tension. A skilled Massage Therapist can feel the pain with the client, and feel the pain dissipate. Deep Tissue Massage can be applied safely and effectively if the Massage Therapist is a good communicator and knows the muscular system well.
When Deep Tissue Massage is applied correctly it feels great! There are certain areas of the body that will be more sensitive than others to deep pressure. In a Deep Tissue Massage the Denver Massage Therapist will work on these areas combining Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage strokes, and Therapeutic Stretching. The Denver Massage Therapist will give gradual pressure and will intuitively know when the pressure is just right for each area. At Peace of Mind Massage in Denver we pride ourselves on our intuition and skills to deliver the best Deep Tissue Massage in Denver. You will not be disappointed with our Deep Tissue Massage.

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