ashiatsuAre you looking for the best Ashiatsu massage in Denver? Look no further than Peace of Mind Massage on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park near Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capital Hill, Englewood, Baker, Glendale, and central to all of Denver, Colorado.

Ashiatsu Massage is a unique form of deep tissue massage that originated among Buddhist monks and has since been adapted all over the world. Ashiatsu Massage consists of the therapist using their bare feet, instead of their hands and arms, to massage the client. During the massage the therapist will stand on the table and use support beams above the table to control the pressure of the massage. Working with their bare feet allows the therapist to maintain pressure that is deeper, broader and consistent throughout the entire massage. Ashiatsu is unlike other forms of bodywork because the therapist is working with a completely different set of tools. Many of our clients at Peace of Mind like pressure as deep as the therapist can apply it, which makes Ashiatsu a perfect fit.

When coming in for an Ashiatsu Massage at Peace of Mind Massage your therapist will listen to concerns and suggest areas to focus on for the session. It is important to let your therapist know about injuries, previous surgeries and conditions compromising the back and neck. When receiving an Ashiatsu Massage, you will undress and lie on the table in the same fashion as other forms of body work. A key component of Ashiatsu Massage is having effective communication with your therapist about pressure and comfort during the session. Ashiatsu has it’s own unique scale for gaging pressure, which will be explained and implemented during the session.

Ashiatsu is one of the most powerful forms of massage therapy because it allows the therapist to use their body weight with the pull of gravity to apply pressure. It provides an incomparable style of compression and movement with long strokes that feel never-ending. Ashiatsu sessions leave you feeling grounded, relaxed and more flexible. The style and pressure fully releases tight muscles which results in comprehensive full body relaxation.

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