The Hope Home rescues girls from dire circumstances and gives them an opportunity to receive an education and a life they would never have access to in the poor conditions they came from in the Himalayas. Upon visiting Nepal and spending time with these girls, I felt inspired to use my platform as a female entrepreneur, a privilege as an American woman, to support and bring awareness to this crisis. $610 pays for one year of education, so I made the goal $18,300 to support all 30 girls there.


The majority of the girls at Hope Home are orphaned and by being rescued they are given a sense of family who support their education and futures. In Nepal the gender gap is very high and girls are often not given equal rights to education compared to a boy. Since girls are not in school they soon become child brides and become vulnerable to violence, abuse, insecurity, trafficking, and spend the rest of her life being dependent on her husband. The cycle must be stopped and education is key.


Hope Home provides a safe home, education, and care for young girls. Providing education and support is essential in the remote villages who are otherwise at high risk of trafficking, child marriage & abuse. Education has the power to change lives and break the cycles of poverty. An educated mother is more likely to have educated children, both boys & girls, which help ensures that universal education & gender equality will continue on through the generations.

Long-Term Impact

In developing countries like Nepal, if we educate a girl, she will educate her family, gain self-sufficiency & create positive impact in her community. She will have the opportunity to use her voice, her intelligence, and her strength to improve her community. This is something all human beings should have the right to do, and in Nepal girls are not given that right. So, we aim to give them that chance, and we know they are eager for the opportunity.


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