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At Peace of Mind we offer a variety of workshops and retreats to offer you tools for healing on deeper levels. We specialize in women’s gatherings as well as workshops for men and women sharing yogic techniques; breathwork, energy movement, and meditation. Our facilitators come from our team as well as from the expansive Denver healing community. We also offer special events around the moon cycles, and incorporate ceremonies and rituals from different spiritual traditions. We have a intimate space so when you come for a gathering here you’ll get a lot of focused attention and have a chance to meet other like minded people in the area. If you are a member of our wellness program you can use the credit on your account toward joining any of our workshops and retreats.



The Red Tent

Saturday 12/08/2018 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Our Red Tent Denver is a Sisterhood Tent of the Our Red Tent and Red Tent Temple Movement inspired by memories of the menstrual huts of our ancient past. Sisters of Denver, you are invited to join us in circle and ceremony each month on the New Moon to shed and reclaim, to support and be supported in a network of authentic relationships with your fellow womben.

The Red Tent is a safe space where Womben come to share the stories of their wombs- stories of our blood, birth, sexuality, love, heartbreak, sickness, health, celebration, grief, shadows, healing and recovery as we journey through this life in the female vessel. Come and share your skills, your wisdom, and share your heart in the Red Tent. We give our blood back to the Earth in the Red Tent. No longer do we hide our blood in bathrooms and trashcans, we reclaim the power of its non-violent nature and feed Gaia with it as she feeds us. With our blood giving, our brothers, fathers, and lovers will find no more that they need to spill each other’s blood in violence. Gaia wants our blood and in the Red Tent, we make it sacred and feed her with our peace and healing intentions. We create community in the Red Tent. Too often in our culture, we are subliminally messaged with ideas that women can only bring each other down, that we must compete to be the most popular, the prettiest, the most successful. In the Red Tent, we let down our barriers. We honor our differences and know that we gather to release our judgements on how a woman is supposed to be. So step out of the box and into the circle! We can’t wait to meet you!


Cost of Event:
You can pre-register online through Mindbody, or call 303-881-5533 to sign up over the phone. Link will be provided soon, stay tuned.

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Saturday 12/15/2018 + Sunday 12/16//2018 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm


Reiki is a gentle hands-on energy healing that helps bring the body, mind, and spirit back into balance. If you’ve ever wanted to learn this healing modality for yourself or others, this is the perfect opportunity to get started! Reiki level 1 (Shoden) is a beginners class that will be held over 2 consecutive evenings in the lovely space of Peace of Mind Massage. (Please note you must attend BOTH nights to get your Level 1 certificate.) In this class, you will learn: a brief history of Reiki; a brief overview of the energy body including chakras and meridians; basic energy etiquette tools like shielding and grounding; how to facilitate a reiki session, including hand positions; an overview of energy healing ethics; and of course, how to flow Reiki. For those who want to learn more, we will have a list of recommended reading for you and we will offer Level 2 classes in the future. It is highly recommended to have received at least 1 energy healing session before the class so that you A) have a feel for what you’re going to learn and B) start to peel off the layers of your own healing journey within a personalized space, instead of in class.

This class will be led by 2 Reiki Master/Teachers: Emily Sealy (who you may know from working the front desk and previously offering individual Reiki sessions at POM) and Andrea Adams (who you may know as a talented massage therapist at POM). Please check out Emily’s website or email her at if you have any further questions.

Cost of event: $100 includes attendance of both days and your Reiki level 1 Certification.

Register through Mindbody or call 303-881-5533 to register over the phone.

Vision Quest

Sunday 12/30/2018 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

End 2018 with us at this special workshop designed to provide you an opportunity to get crystal clear on your intentions for the new year!

We’ll begin our evening with Devi Elena Rose sharing sacred Sattva Tantric practices she learned in the Himalayas. These practices will be meditative and grounding while also stimulating your creative expression and activating your third eye so that you may see beyond this physical plane of existence. These practices will assist you in clearing your energy centers so that you can allow Shakti(creative life force energy)to flow freely and authentically.

You will then be guided into a Shamanic Journey by Elizabeth Ogletree that will further deepen you into the spirit realm where your souls deepest longings can be seen clearly.

After we guide you back into the space we will have a break to share experiences if desired, have a light snack to ground back into the body, and then we will create art! Liz is a professional artist with a B.A. in Fine Arts and has created some beautiful sample paintings of crystal geodes to represent the crystal clear vision we’re entering 2019 with!

Not an artistic bone in your body, you say? No worries! She can guide you into creating these pieces with ease and joy, and of course you are encouraged to make them your own. If a particular image or images came to mind during the practices and journey you’re welcome to paint that, and Liz is there to assist you if desired. The point of creating the artwork is to infuse it with your intentions for the New Year following the work we’ll be doing to get crystal clear on them. You’ll then have something tangible(and beautiful!) for you to look at and reflect upon whenever you’re inspired to.

We’ll provide all art supplies including different colored paints, paint brushes, and a 5X7 canvas. You’ll get to take your beautiful work of art home with you plus we’ll be giving you a small crystal for you to continue meditating on your intentions with!


Cost of Event:
You can pre-register online through Mindbody, or call 303-881-5533 to sign up over the phone.

Join our next Shakti Retreat in Bali June 2019!

6/10- 6/16/2019 

This retreat has been especially created for women who are ready to expand and evolve,  who are willing to fearlessly step into their divine power to create and manifest the life of their dreams. We will gather in conscious community with your sisters  activating and celebrating the divine feminine, otherwise known as SHAKTI – our power to create.

We will guide you into a transformative journey in the sacred land of Bali, Indonesia and her lush jungle and beaches. You will learn the practice of Sattva Yoga entailing specific ancient techniques from the yogic tradition, tantric rituals and ceremonies to honor Mother Nature and her incredible abundance.

What’s included

* 7 days and 6 nights

* Daily movement & meditation practices including: Yoga for all Levels –  Kundalini Kriyas, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mantra & Chanting, Pilates, Ecstatic Dance & Freedom Movement, Massage Workshop, And More

* Sacred Ceremonies & Rituals based in the Tantric tradition: Daily Puja,  Fire ceremony, traditional CACAO CEREMONY, MEDICINAL Plant Workshop, And More

* SNORKELING Excursion, Balinese Water Purification Ceremony, and more!

* Health & Wellness: All inclusive vegan & vegetarian meals,  Massage Therapy & private healing services available

* Relaxation & Leisure including plenty of time for: Hammock naps,  Pool, Beach

The Venue: Balila is an eco resort and a magical place to spoil all your senses and connect to Mother Nature.

Contact for inquiries!

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