July Workshops & Events in Denver

Looking for fun yoga and community events in Denver? Peace of Mind Massage is thrilled to announce it will now be offering many different community gatherings, events, and workshops!

Peace of Mind Massage is so thrilled to officially announce its evolution into something even greater. After being open as a healing center for massage therapy for 9 years, Peace of Mind realized that it’s offerings were so much more than just massage therapy — but as a center for healing through touch, conscious community, and events that provide healing for the body, mind, and soul.

From now on, Peace of Mind will not only be the place for people to come for healing body work and massage, but we will be offering many workshops and events as well as supporting conscious entrepreneurs with a boutique.

Our purpose is to support you in your evolution and healing journey – both physically, mentally, spiritually, and especially by creating and supporting conscious community by providing opportunities to connect with your tribe members and make new connections with others who are on a similar healing journey.

With this exciting transition for Peace of Mind, we will be offering many more events and gatherings every month, so stay up to date by following our blog and Facebook page! Additionally, if you are a member of our Wellness Program, you can use the money on your account and you’ll receive 10% off all workshops and events! More information on the wellness program, here.

July Events:

Happy July! There are lots of exciting events to look forward to here at Peace of Mind! Maybe you’ve been looking to explore deeper teachings of tantra and yoga philosophy, or maybe you’re looking for alternative paths to healing. Maybe you’re looking for an amazing community to connect with in deeper ways! Wherever you’re at on your journey, we’d like to invite you to Peace of Mind for some amazing events that will connect you deeper to yourself and those surrounding you. Here are our upcoming events for July:

Red Tent Gathering (women only):

July workshops and events in Denver

Red Tent Gathering

Our Red Tent Denver is a Sisterhood Tent of the Our Red Tent and Red Tent Temple Movement inspired by memories of the menstrual huts of our ancient past. Sisters of Denver, you are invited to join us in circle and ceremony each month on the New Moon to shed and reclaim, to support and be supported in a network of authentic relationships with your fellow womben. The Red Tent is a safe space where Womben come to share the stories of their wombs — stories of our blood, birth, sexuality, love, heartbreak, sickness, health, celebration, grief, shadows, healing and recovery as we journey through this life in the female vessel. Come and share your skills, your wisdom, and share your heart in the Red Tent. We give our blood back to the Earth in the Red Tent. No longer do we hide our blood in bathrooms and trashcans, we reclaim the power of its non-violent nature and feed Gaia with it as she feeds us. With our blood giving, our brothers, fathers, and lovers will find no more that they need to spill each other’s blood in violence. Gaia wants our blood and in the Red Tent, we make it sacred and feed her with our peace and healing intentions. We create community in the Red Tent. Too often in our culture, we are subliminally messaged with ideas that women can only bring each other down, that we must compete to be the most popular, the prettiest, the most successful. In the Red Tent, we let down our barriers. We honor our differences and know that we gather to release our judgements on how a woman is supposed to be. So step out of the box and into the circle! We can’t wait to meet you! For more information on the Our Red Tent movement, go to www.ourredtent.com

When: July 14th, 6:30-9:30 PM 

Where: Peace of Mind Massage 

Tickets: Purchase directly, here.


Secrets of the Sri Yantra: A Sattva Tantra Yoga Workshop

July workshops and events in Denver

Sri Yantra

In the yogic tradition, sacred geometry is used as a form of meditation and contains powerful and transcendent energies. The Sri Yantra represents all of creation and the energy of the sacred feminine or Shakti. When we learn to connect to this energy as men and women, we are able to let our full creative expression of Shakti shine forth.

In this workshop we will come together to connect with each other and our deepest inspiration as you are guided through different rituals and meditation techniques stemming from the Tantric tradition.

Through transcendental practices, wisdom, mantras, and more we will activate our connection with Sri Yantra and invoke those qualities to rise forth from within. Come and join us in a cosmic evening spent embodying Sri (Shakti)!

Your guides are Devi Elena Rose and Annemarie Brown – Sattva Yoga Teachers who are passionate about sharing sacred practices they learned in the Himalayas.

When: July 15th, 6:30-9 PM

Where: Peace of Mind Massage

Tickets: Purchase your tickets directly, here.



Awaken your inner Devi/Deva:  A Sattva Tantra Yogic Workshop:

July workshops and events in Denver

Awaken your inner Deva

An evening of community and awareness about developing qualities of higher states of consciousness within yourself. Compassion, Devotion, Unconditional Love, Timelessness, Steadfastness, Joy… Invoke these qualities of being into your everyday life and walk around with the awareness of the realized one. This will shift your life and how you show up to each moment, no matter what the circumstances are.

This workshop includes wisdom, breath and energy (kriya) practices, chanting mantras, and guided meditation as well as community and conscious conversations. Make it an evening of high vibration and illumination. We see your light, can you?

You guides are Devi Elena Rose and Corrin Vecchitto – Sattva Yoga Teachers who are passionate about sharing sacred practices that they learned in the Himalayas.

The location is the beautiful space at Peace of Mind Massage, where every detail is designed to inspire bliss, joy, and peace.

When: July 21st, 6:30-9 PM

Where: Peace of Mind Massage

Tickets: Purchase your tickets directly, here.

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