Ancient Traditions for Relief Today: Thai Herbal Compresses

Rest, relax, rejuvenate and breathe deep, Peace of Mind Massage is now offering the ancient tradition of Thai herbal compresses in our holistic massages. French Lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus—medicinal herbs that can soothe your mind, body and spirit. Combined with the healing touch of our skilled therapists and you have the recipe for total revitalization.


The long history of Thai herbal compresses dates back officially to the 14th century, though some claim the practice has roots that go as far back as 5,000 years. Some say the compresses were originally used to treat soldiers, while other sources cite royalty as the main recipients of this modality; still others say that Thai massage, in combination with herbal compresses was used to prepare Buddhist monks for meditation. Thai herbal compresses, or luk prakob, have made their way across the world as proof of their effects and benefits has become widespread. Peace of Mind is proud to be working with Hannah Adkins, owner and craftswoman of Thermal Herbals, to produce our custom herbal compress formula.




Lovingly handmade in Denver, Hannah blends her own unique combinations of healing herbs into her compresses. Thermal Herbals applies not only the age-old tradition of Thai herbs, but also herbs and herbal formulas from around the globe. Hannah studied traditional Thai massage and herbal compresses in Thailand; she also lives and breathes massage and the healing of mind and body. You won’t find any herbal compress like those of Thermal Herbals, and we’re confident that you won’t experience anything like our new Thai herbal compress service.


With a track record or hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of years, the many reliefs and health advantages of luk prakob have long been known by the people of Thailand and Southeast Asia. In recent years, Thai herbal compresses have even found their way into clinical studies. One such systematic review of a number of clinical studies found Thai herbal compresses to be potentially more effective than standard therapies in treating osteoarthritis and muscle pain, especially compared to the adverse side effects of many Western therapies and NSAIDs. Unrelated to massage, numerous studies also found Thai herbal compresses effective in promoting milk production in postpartum mothers with low or no milk production.


The list goes on and on for potential benefits of Thai herbal compresses and all the ailments they can address. Here are just a few.


  • Muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Sprains
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Arthritis
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Improves circulation of blood and the lymph system
  • Migraines
  • Skin conditions


If any of these conditions trouble you, a Thai herbal compress massage may be just the service for you. This treatment is just an additional $10 to our integrated massage rates, or $20 if you want the treatment and to take a compress home with you. Book now and learn what this ancient healing modality has to offer.


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By Levi Noe

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