Health Care Maintenance: The Increased Health Benefits of Regular Massage

You know the dreamy, melty, satisfied feeling after a wonderful massage. You walk out into life glowing, feeling like you’re floating, carried around effortlessly by your own personal cloud. This feeling of supreme well-being is largely a result of the neurotransmitters released in your body because of the expert massage you just received—hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin—but to you it’s just bliss.

This bliss is a lovely thing. Its value cannot be measured. And after a week or two, we find ourselves wanting more. This is a welcome sign that your body has both received the benefits of massage and is craving more of the blessings of massage therapy. In 2012 we launched the monthly wellness program to satisfy those who realize the long-term benefits of consistent massage. And it is because of the success of this program and the great feedback and requests we have received that we are launching a brand new Yearly Wellness Program. 0812_DPOMM_1524

At Peace of Mind Massage, we have your wholeness and welfare in mind at all times. This is why we have created a new membership plan for our guests who are most committed to health care maintenance. Our yearly subscription allows you to “credit” yourself for monthly massages with a single, one time payment. As we post this blog, we are celebrating our 9th year in business, so rest assured we aren’t going anywhere.

Massage is health care maintenance, not just some luxury we can only give ourselves once a year. Consider the endless tasks and toils we put our bodies through daily. A lifetime of consistent wear and tear on the body is more than enough reason to maintain the balance and health of your body with regular massage. You’ve only got one life (excluding what may or may not go on in the afterlife) and one body—get the most happiness and wellness out of it that you can.

Take it from one of our loyal members, Jessica Abegg: “They are so committed to the craft and continued excellence of massage, that every time I’ve walked out of the studio transformed.”

Do we consider taking our car in for regular oil changes and check-ups a luxury? Of course not, this is simply what an automobile needs to continue to function optimally. The benefits of a single massage are multiplied when we receive massage regularly. This is best way to maximize the healing advantages of body work.

0812_DPOMM_1490The Yearly Wellness Program works like a one-time credit account of $816, guaranteeing you at least one massage each month with the member discount of $10 off every time you come in. In addition, you can receive 10% off all of our merchandise. Best of all, for the yearly wellness plan we waive the $49 activation fee, so you can receive monthly massages at the best savings.

We’re also adding tiers to our existing Wellness Program for those who already know that 60 minutes won’t be quite enough. Introducing the Serenity and Bliss Wellness Program tiers. The Serenity Tier at $83 will cover a 75 minute session, and the Bliss Tier at $98 pays for 90 minutes. Just like the original Wellness Program (which we’re now calling the Peace Tier), the funds can be used however you please and will never expire.

The range of benefits of massage are so vast and expansive, it’s a wonder that regular massages aren’t included in our list of other health-related practices like regular exercise and healthy eating. Some (not nearly all) of the benefits of massage include improvement of: depression, skin conditions, pain syndromes including arthritis and fibromyalgia, hypertension, autoimmune conditions and multiple sclerosis, breast cancer and aging problems including Parkinson’s and dementia.

Don’t delay on your body’s health care maintenance, sign up for our Yearly Wellness Program and bring yourself in for a regular tune up. We’ll get you functioning and feeling at your best.


Written By Levi Noe



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