Self-Care Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are a really beautiful time of year. The lights. The music. The time with family and friends. The taste of those amazing rolls your grandmother makes.

But it can also be really challenging.

Our to-do list gets way backed up.

Family is demanding our time and attention.

Finances are tight.

And the list goes on.

So how do you protect your sanity and health?

A little self-care, friends.

Self-care is an intentional practice and necessary part of living a healthy life. The better we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of others.

While self-care may seem like just another thing to add to the to-do list, we promise it will lift your spirits and give you more positive energy.

Check out our helpful tips below to get started on a more healthful and happy holiday season!

self-care includes taking care of mental and spiritual health

Be present. With so much craziness during the holidays, it’s sometimes hard to just relax and enjoy the moment. Before you know it, the holidays are over and it’s already a new year. Shut off your phone. Have deep conversations. Take in the moment before it slips away.

Escape. Whatever that means for you, remember to take a moment for yourself amidst the holiday chaos. Maybe that means walking in nature. Or meditating. Or grabbing a cup of tea and heading to the back porch for some fresh air.

Simpify. If that means buying all things store-bought for the big family dinner, so be it. Keeping things simple can allow you to refocus and spend energy on other special moments.

Relax. Whether you relax in a bubble bath at home with some Savitur Botanicals essential oils, or book a massage for yourself, there’s power to slowing down and recognizing the importance of having a peaceful moment. A massage lowers your blood pressure, gets those “feel-good” hormones flowing, and it opens your body’s pathways for healing.

Say no. Sometimes the holiday stress is too much because we take on everything. It’s okay to set boundaries and say no. We only have so much energy to give, and give well. Protect your time for what your heart really desires.

Some other self-care advice:

Mental health

Starting your day with meditation or prayer can help you feel grounded. A daily gratitude list where you list three things you’re grateful for every morning can encourage a positive outlook on life.

Physical health

Move your body every day. Studies show daily exercise improves mental, emotional and physical well-being. Walking, stretching, doing yoga or running are all healthy exercise options.


Connect daily with others. Whether in person or through a text or call, it will curb any of those lonely holiday feelings.

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How do you de-stress during the holidays? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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