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shop small on small business saturday

With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday — a day where the masses flock to big-box stores to purchase products at great discounts.

But, at what cost are these discounts being given?

At our small business, we know that what makes our company great is the people. Building quality relationships within our community matters.

Shopping Small Business Saturday is one way communities can come together for a much calmer, more enjoyable experience. 

Consider skipping right over Black Friday to Small Business Saturday! 

Black Friday is Just That…Black

Big box retailers require employees to work extra hours and extra hard to handle the excessive nature of Black Friday. Just one day after giving thanks, employers push their employees back to the sales floors before they even have time to digest their turkey dinners.

The holidays are meant to be a time for gathering with the ones we love to relax.

Why should tens of thousands of employees who work at these companies have to spend this time under the immense amount of stress working retail during this time entails?

Workers aren’t the only ones who get stressed. If you’ve ever witnessed a Black Friday sale, you know what madness ensues. Watching two customers box over the last 50% off juicer isn’t exactly a pleasant shopping experience.

Ripple Effect Goes Deep

When we go deeper down the rabbit hole of Black Friday, a global impact is revealed beneath its shiny, big bargain signs. Fast fashion and electronic waste has negative environmental and human rights effects that span the entire globe.

Black Friday promotes overspending on things we don’t need.

Believe it or not, nearly half of the world’s toys are in America. More money is spent each year on FASHION ACCESSORIES than on college educations!

The average household debt? Right around $137,000.

credit card

Is it really a good deal if at the end of the day you feel financially and emotionally drained?

We think not.

Shop small, support local biz

There are ways you can shop sustainably and support local businesses this weekend. In response to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday was created to help consumers put their hard-earned dollars into the hands of neighbors and friends who pour their hearts into their small businesses.

Many people use Black Friday as an opportunity to buy gifts for the holidays at discounted prices. The spirit of giving gifts is a beautiful tradition, and when done consciously you can have peace of mind supporting the local economy by avoiding supporting companies that put money before people.

Experience vs. Things

When considering buying gifts for the holiday season, one of the most sustainable gifts you can give is an experience versus a thing.

That is why for Small Business Saturday we are offering a special on Massage Gift Cards. Join our mailing list to be notified on November 25th of the one day sale, and/or follow us on Facebook where we’ll also share the special.

If you really want to treat yourself or someone you love to an experience of a lifetime, check our blog about The Goddess Gathering by the Sea, a yoga retreat in Bali happening this coming January at an eco-friendly resort.

Relax and rejuvenate your soul and celebrate Shakti energy at the 2018 Goddess Gathering by the Sea!

Relax and rejuvenate your soul and celebrate Shakti energy at the 2018 Goddess Gathering by the Sea!

One-Of-A-Kind Offerings Available Locally 

There is something to be said about wrapping a present and watching a person you care about tear off the wrapping and seeing their face light up at your thoughtful present. If you’re feeling pressured by the holidays, you might find it tempting to grab something generic that’s usually not sustainable.

Does it really spark joy to give something that you felt like you had to give for the sake of it?

When you shop locally, you’ll find those unique items that call to you for your friends and family.

Things you just can’t find on the shelf at Best Buy.

At our store, we carefully hand-pick each item we carry — like the Sattva Jewelry Collection. The jewelry’s made in India, and a portion of its proceeds go back to support women and children.

We also love to work with local companies like Salvitur Botanicals which is run by a Denver local who concocts unique and healing oil blends. She’s even made us special holiday blends called Winter Myrrh (wintergreen and myrrh) and 3 wise ones (cinnamon, frankincense and myrrh).

Sure, we could save money by going the route of using the big companies out there that offer the same things.

But, for us, it’s more important to know where our money is going, to whom, and how it can bring more peace into the world vs. harm.

Give Away Love, Money 

giving hands

What better way to bring peace to the world than to give to those in need?

The holidays are especially difficult for those living without family, friends, money, and food.

You can help by donating money and/or time to a charity, or by hitting the streets and feeding the homeless. Unsure where to start? Do some research on Charity Navigator, which provides transparency and accountability for charities.

Our founder, Elena, took a trip to Nepal earlier this year and was inspired by the country’s spiritual way of living and resilience from natural disasters. She spent some time at a home for girls there, and upon returning set up a foundation called Peace of Mind for the Girls of Nepal.

A portion of our proceeds from Small Business Saturday sales will go directly to helping these girls receive education and housing.

As always, thank you for your continued love and support of Peace of Mind Massage.

We hope we’ve inspired you to shop small this holiday season!


What’s your favorite thing about Small Business Saturday? Let us know in the comments below! 


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