Mother’s Day Massage, a Gift Beyond Words

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We think of our mothers, our stepmoms, grandmothers, godmothers, sisters and matriarchs on this special day. We remember the times they were there for us, like the first day of school, first heartbreak, first apartment, and every fall and triumph along the way. Mothers nurture, they care, they provide and love selflessly, endlessly. They give of themselves over and over, asking nothing in return. On Mother’s Day—and every other day for that matter—we should ask ourselves what we can give back.


Let’s start with a simple thank you. Words of gratitude can go such a long way in thanking your mother, or the mother figure in your life for her years, her decades of devotion. Tell her how much you appreciate what she has done for you, what she has taught you and what she has sacrificed for you. Write her a note, a poem, or anything that conveys your gratefulness, your respect and your love for her. A card is always nice, but don’t stop there. Take some moments to search for the words that can truly communicate what your mother means to you.

The next way you can show you care is also very simple. Spend time with the strong female figure in your life. Take her out for tea, or to brunch. Laugh, listen and enjoy some time together. It sounds like a no-brainer, but these little things are the moments that mothers remember for years and years.

Still looking for more ways to say the things that words can’t say? Try giving the gift of massage. Think of those hands, how many times they held you, brushed off dirt and cleaned your cuts. Those hands that gave you the therapeutic touch of a mother’s love. Let her feel that same therapy. Let her aches and pains be taken care of. Let those strong shoulder that held you (even when you were far too big to be picked up) be nurtured with a healing touch.

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You know your mother by many names. You know her many forms and countless roles that she played in your life. You know the woman who offered you her motherly care, whether you were related biologically or not. You know the person in your life who gave, as if from a bottomless cup, her maternity, generosity, kindness, grace, and so much more. We have a massage for every mother, or motherly figure in every person’s life. Prenatal Massage for the expecting mother, Swedish Massage for just about any mother, or for a very special gift a Hot Stone Massage, or Hydrotherapy. You could even spend some extra quality time with the mother in your life and get a massage together.


However you appreciate your mom, whether she is the mother of your birth, or the mother you found, let her know that you care. Let her know how much she means to you. And for an extra special gift consider scheduling a massage for Mother’s Day.

Thank you to all the mothers of the world! Where would we be without you?


Written by Levi Andrew Noe
Peace of Mind Massage, INC
1249 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

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