February New Moon Pisces and Solar Eclipse Forecast

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The new moon and solar eclipse will occur Sunday February 26th at 7:58a.m., MST.

The upcoming Pisces Solar Eclipse on Sunday morning provides some profound opportunities.  Amongst other things, it closes the eclipse window that we’ve been in since the Leo Lunar Eclipse on Friday 2/10.  These eclipse windows are often a portal for the transpersonal to come through, and maybe that’s something we’ve felt, either knowingly or not.

Eclipses often act as course correctors in our lives, and maybe over the past couple of weeks we’ve felt some big shifts in the path we’re on.  Or maybe it’s this coming eclipse that will make the powerful correction.  Or maybe still we’re already right where we need to be and so no major shifts need to be made.  Regardless, the Pisces Solar Eclipse will certainly hold some power.

And what’s notable about this one is its very close proximity to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.  Neptune represents the deep unconscious from which everything else springs, the eternal love that permeates the Cosmos.  In this, we find quite a rare opportunity in regards to letting go of that which keeps us from merging into that profound, Neptunian place.

Neptune’s long orbit takes her about 170 years to circle the Sun, and so after the next Pisces eclipse in 2025, we won’t see such a strong Neptune/Pisces eclipse again for close to two centuries.


The Course Correction

So where might the course correction for this eclipse come from?  It might be in the realm of where we’ve habitually distanced ourselves from our Source.  With this coming lunar cycle, we can maybe find a letting go of some of our karmic and habitual patterns that keep us distanced from this place.  And just note that this doesn’t necessarily mean to sit in your room chanting the mantra ‘Om’, although it could be that.  But rather the ideal for most is to connect with that deep ocean of infinity, and then to carry that with us as we walk our days, giving our gifts to the world.

Many of us have little habits or actions that make us feel better temporarily, but only serve to keep us from something deeper and more profound.  Maybe in the coming days and weeks we find the courage to say no to those things, say no to the breadcrumbs, and instead find the fortitude to hold out for the whole meal.  Breadcrumbs can temporarily satisfy us, which feels good, but then they also destroy our resolve to keep seeking the feast that is waiting right around the corner.  Which breadcrumbs will you finally say ‘no’ to?  Where will you finally say yes to that which will bring you closer to the eternal love and deep consciousness of the Cosmos?

Venus Retrograde

Also coming up for this lunar cycle is Venus Retrograde.  Of all the planets that turn retrograde, she is the one that does so the least often.

Venus turns retrograde in the fiery sign of Aries on Saturday March 4th, and will turn direct again on Saturday April 15th (once again in her exalted position of Pisces).  This is a tremendous time to take a step back from our relationships; to reassess the good, the bad, and the ones we need to let go of.  And until she turns direct again in mid-April, it’s not an ideal time to begin a new relationship.  It’s more a time of reflection.

And just note that this reassessing period also goes for our relationship to ourselves.  Where in our relationship to ourselves can we stand to improve?  Where can we be more kind, compassionate, and loving to the person inside?

And what’s curious about this is that Venus is often seen as the lower octave of Neptune (or Neptune the higher octave of Venus).  That Venus is turning retrograde so close to such a strong Neptunian eclipse is notable, and it points towards reassessing not only our relationship to ourselves and others, but also our relationship to the eternal part of the universe that we’re always swimming in.  Where have we become disconnected from that?  Where would more of a connection to that serve our greatest good?  And how are we going to foster such an esoteric connection?


The End

Pisces represents an apparent end, the end of the zodiac and the dissolving back into the formless.  But of course endings are illusory.  There’s never really an end to anything, only new beginnings.

The Sabian Symbol for this Pisces Solar Eclipse is: The race begins, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.

If the Leo Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago taught us to ride a horse bareback, and in so doing display our dangerous skill, now it’s time to ride that horse faster than we ever thought possible.  What are you waiting for?  The Cosmos are expecting you.


Written by Rob Paul, Astrologer
Peace of Mind Massage, INC
1249 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210

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