Hot Stone Therapy Massage in Denver

Denver’s Best Hot Stone Therapy Massage can be found at Peace of Mind Therapeutic Massage and Wellness on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park close by to Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capital Hill, Englewood, and central to all of Denver, Colorado.

The usage of stones in the healing arts date back to ancient times. Hot Stones have been used for their healing benefit throughout history and the world including China and Europe. The Native Americans used hot stones for balance and harmony. The treatment known as “Hot Stone Therapy” or “Hot Stone Massage” gained popularity when a Massage Therapist from Arizona introduced the hot stone massage technique known as “LaStone Massage”.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage is a popular treatment offered at many luxurious spas in Denver and all around the world. It is typical for a Hot Stone Therapy Massage to range in price from $100-$200. There is usually an up charge applied for Hot Stone Therapy Massage. You may have asked yourself, “how much do stones really cost these days? Why is it so much more for Hot Stone Therapy Massage?”

At Peace of Mind Therapeutic Massage and Wellness, LLC in Denver, Colorado, hot stones are all inclusive. We believe any tool that can help our clients achieve better relaxation or results should be used without charging extra. This includes hot stones, hydrotherapy packs, armotherapy, and advanced modalities. Our massages are integrative so don’t expect the Therapist to simply place hot stones on your back and not much else. We will use the hot stones in our hands to soothe away knots and relieve sore muscles. The combination of the Therapist’s technique and the hot stones makes for an intense and deep therapeutic massage experience.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage can benefit those suffering from Plantar Fascitis and Arthritis. Hot Stone Therapy Massage improves circulation and keeps your heart healthy. An overall improved well being physically and mentally can be achieved through Hot Stone Therapy Massage when applied by a skilled Massage Therapist.

The hot stones add an element of heat and pressure enjoyed by most everyone. Hot Stone Massage is not recommended for pregnant women. Hydrating plenty before and after the Hot Stone Therapy Massage is very important. Light headed feeling or dizziness can occur without proper hydration.

Book your Hot Stone Therapy Massage today. Let us know prior to your appointment that you would like hot stones incorporated into your treatment as the stones do need to be set up prior to your appointment.

Hot Stone Massage

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