Massage Therapy for Disc Pain, Back Surgery, and Injury in Denver

Denver’s Best Back Massage can be found at Peace of Mind Therapeutic Massage and Wellness on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park close by to Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capital Hill, Englewood, and central to all of Denver, Colorado.

If you are suffering from herniated, deteriorating, or bulging discs, Spinal Stenosis, Injuries, or if you are recovering from surgeries performed to alleviate the symptoms of these disorders, Massage Therapy can help. If you are in the Washington Park, Platt Park, Cherry Creek, Capital Hill, Englewood, and other surrounding neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado Peace of Mind Therapeutic Massage & Wellness is the place to go for advanced therapies designed to help you manage your pain.

Spinal Stenosis is caused by trauma to the spine, or in the case for most elderly patients, it is caused by Paget’s Disease or Osteoarthritis. Injury to the spinal column causes pressure on the nerve roots or the spinal cord itself. This causes numbness, pain, weakness, and cramping. With advanced Massage Therapy techniques such as Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release, posture improves reducing abnormal curves in the spine, therefore taking pressure off the nerve root. Massage Therapy is not a cure to this disease but it can help with the painful symptoms. Numbness, pain, weakness, and cramping might occur and not be related to Spinal Stenosis, and a skilled Massage Therapist can locate other problem areas in the body and alleviate pain in those areas.

If your disc pain condition has resulted in surgery, and you’re still experiencing pain, Massage Therapy is a great way to manage that pain. There is no cure all, even surgery. Our bodies are deteriorating as we age, and with the pressure of life, work, and the amount of activities available to us in beautiful Colorado, we will continue to irritate old injuries and/or painful conditions. So don’t be shocked if you need to continue treating your back pain after back surgery. Massage Therapy is a safe, effective, and natural way to manage pain and help with recovery post surgery.

Massage Therapy is great for scar tissue removal. Scar tissue forms after surgery or injury. Scar tissue is an adhesion that sticks muscles fibers together, causing them to not slide and move properly. Scar tissue can also occur in the connective tissue, causing muscles and joints not to move correctly, and it can occur on nerve cells causing painful conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic back pain. Scar tissue causes pain, weakness, and stiffness. Advanced Massage Therapy techniques applied on and around the scar after the acute inflammation phase (48-72 hours), can strongly improve the healing process and recovery after surgery and injury.

Injuries can be caused by car accidents, extreme sports, and harsh weather. With snowboarding, mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, and biking being the top activities in Denver, Colorado there are bound to be some accidents and injuries! If you have hurt yourself and are looking into what will help you recover the fastest and the healthiest, try Massage! You can accompany Massage Therapy with Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Yoga, and Chiropractic for a well rounded natural health care regime. If you’re suffering from whiplash, sprains, strains, back pain, headaches, TMJ, etc. it could be from an accident you had, even if it was long ago. It is never too late to start the healing process, give Massage Therapy a try, and for referrals to other health care providers like the ones listed above, Peace of Mind has great references for you.

Please understand that Massage Therapy is not a cure or a quick fix, but a way in which you can safely, naturally, and effectively manage your pain while enjoying the relaxing benefits Massage has to offer as well. I have personally had great results on my clients suffering from disc pain, injury and surgery recovery with Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and other advanced modalities I perform. Setting up regular appointments is how you can get the best results using Massage Therapy. Starting off with weekly or biweekly appointments is the fastest way to get the results you’re looking for, and after the initial and most prominent pain has been relieved, you can lesson how often you come if you choose. A healthy person should still receive a Massage once a month. If you have been in a car accident or have a flex spending account, keep your receipts from Peace of Mind as you may be able to get reimbursed by insurance. It is advised to consult with your primary care Physician before scheduling your Massage after serious injury or surgery.

Tension in the muscles will cause tension in the spine, irritating deteriorating, bulging, or herniated discs. Stress and tension will also flare up old injuries or irritate areas that have been worked on surgically, as they are most likely more sensitive post intrusive surgery. Massage Therapy may not completely rid you of your disc and/or chronic pain but it can ease the painful symptoms associated with it. Massage Therapy relaxes the muscles and the mind. If you haven’t felt the power of Massage Therapy yet, give Peace of Mind Therapeutic Massage & Wellness a call today!

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